Lead Marketing - Tellow

Job description

Tellow is seeking candidates for a Lead Marketing position. This person will be responsible for developing, operating, and executing a strong, performance-based marketing strategy that ensures competitive market positioning and growth for the company.

As Lead Marketing, you will:

  • Run the marketing agenda and set goals for both internal and external results
  • Design strategies for the marketing team, including digital, advertising, communication and creatives
  • Oversee all marketing budgets & set, monitor, and report on objectives and KPIs
  • Analyze ROI across channels, campaigns, etc
  • Ensure achievement of both short-term marketing goals as well as the long-term strategic goals
  • Research & identify new growth opportunities
  • Recruit, manage and develop our team of marketing specialists


For this position, we are looking for someone who:

  • is both analytically sharp and has hands-on experience in acquiring, activating, and maintaining client relationships
  • is deeply rooted in the digital marketing space with a love of data and an understanding of the value of tracking KPIs
  • can show strong, documented results, particularly in digital marketing
  • is detail-oriented, team-focused, performance-driven, and skilled at task delegation

In addition, you must have the ability, experience, and desire to lead, motivate, and develop a young team of ambitious marketers. We look for someone who wants to grow with us. 


  • Minimum 5 years experience
  • Experience in running successful marketing campaigns
  • Leadership skills to build high-performing teams
  • Ready to inspire and hire a marketing team
  • MSc in marketing or a relevant field
  • Fluency in English and Dutch, both written and spoken


  • Lifelong learner, passionate & creative
  • Motivated and results-driven
  • Mentor for specialists in our team
  • Facilitates a positive, open, and inclusive teamwork space
  • Celebrates good work & inspires the team to reflect our company values
  • Team player with impeccable management skills


We are a dedicated, open, and fun team based in Amsterdam, and we value talent and personal growth for all our employees. We offer a competitive salary, laptop, a brand-new office and a strong career growth path. We are an inspiring company with an ambitious mission, but having fun while working is key for us.

At Tellow, your benefits will include:

  • Competitive salary
  • Shape the engineering culture and the technologies
  • Work in a high-growth, cutting edge company
  • Personal growth plan that sets you on a path of career opportunity and advancement
  • Laptop
  • Free lunch (or allowance in pandemic times)
  • Working in a brand new, state-of-the-art office

You will also gain from:

  • A self-starter environment that entrusts you with crucial company responsibilities
  • Experience at a fast-growing scaleup
  • Working with the newest Fintech software
  • Healthy workspace with proper climate control, lighting, adjustable desks and 4K screens
  • A work environment that values inclusivity, teamwork, cohesion, and fun
  • Having your voice heard regarding company strategy and decisions


Please send us your resume, in English, and attach a 1-page cover letter about who you are, what you are looking for, and how you could help take Tellow to the top. We have a rolling evaluation process for all submitted applications, so you can expect to hear from us within 2 weeks of your application submission.

If you have any questions regarding the position you seek, please contact Juul Maas at juul@tellow.nl. Please also attach any samples of your website, blog or articles you’ve written, so that we can have a clearer understanding of your work, your personality, and your approach.


Upon review of your resume and cover letter, if you are selected, you will be invited to begin interviews with our team. The first round of those interviews will be with our marketing team via video call. After that, we will ask you to do an assignment related to your prospective role to test your skills in the field, as we believe this is a strong predictor of your future work. For senior roles a cognitive ability test and personality assessment will be part of the process. 

About Tellow

Tellow emerged in 2016 from Rabobank's Moonshot innovation program. Tellow continued as an independent organization to support the self-employed sector in the Netherlands with their online bookkeeping. Tellow makes various processes of bookkeeping easy and accessible through a user-friendly bookkeeping software.

In 2020, Tellow was acquired by The Ageras Group - an ambitious, young, fast-paced group of technology companies, with a shared vision of making life easier for business owners.

Our latest investment round proved quite successful, and we are now looking to scale our operations in 2021. After a capital injection of $73 million in The Ageras Group, Tellow is ready to build, innovate, and grow. We are expanding our teams and seeking talented individuals to support our growth and secure our foothold in the Dutch market.